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What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is any non-consensual act of a sexual nature imposed by one person on another. It can include a range of behaviors such as unwanted touching, kissing, groping, or forced sexual intercourse. The key element of sexual assault is the absence of consent from the person on whom the act is performed. Consent must be given freely, willingly, and with an understanding of what is happening. Sexual assault can occur regardless of the relationship between the individuals involved and is a criminal offense that can have profound emotional, psychological, and physical impacts on the victim.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is categorized in the Canadian Criminal Code under family violence and is defined as any offenses related to sexual or physical violence, any offenses related to emotional or psychological abuse, any offenses related to neglect, or any offenses related to financial abuse. 

There are 6 provinces and 3 territories that have their own legislation against family violence. 


In Manitoba there is the Domestic Violence and Stalking Act which states that any violence from a current or past partner there must be a mandatory investigation conducted by police to ensure the safety of the victim/survivor/applicant. 

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What happens after an assault?

When we are assaulted, it takes something from us, often leaving us with a pervasive sense of fear and mistrust. The experience can profoundly alter how we see the world and our place in it. We might find ourselves constantly checking locks and windows, withdrawing from loved ones, and feeling unsure of who is safe. This heightened vigilance and isolation become part of our daily lives, overshadowing our sense of security and peace.

Compounding this pain is the societal stigma and victim-blaming mentality that many of us encounter. We're told to dress modestly, avoid going out alone at night, and continuously alter our behavior to avoid being targeted. We live in fear, worrying if it will happen again. The real solution to violence, however, lies in people choosing not to commit these acts. It doesn't matter what you wore, what you said, what you did or didn't do, whether you consumed drugs or alcohol, or if you went to someone's house—none of these justify someone assaulting you. What happened is not your fault, and I am deeply sorry that you have endured this.

I have dedicated my practice to supporting and advocating for those who have experienced violence. I have been present during police statements, hospital examinations, and throughout the daunting aftermath, offering unwavering support. I am here to help you navigate these systems and to provide a safe, supportive space for your healing journey.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Therapy

Living Free Psychotherapy currently specializes in working with survivors of sexual assault/sexual violence, domestic assault/violence and sex workers. Additionally, you will receive treatment and support for various mental health diagnosis, personality disorders, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and more....  


These services are available online and in-person. 

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