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Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Therapy

Living Free Psychotherapy currently specializes in working with survivors of sexual assault/sexual violence, domestic assault/violence and sex workers. Additionally, you will receive treatment and support for various mental health diagnosis, personality disorders, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and more....  


These services are available online for individuals in Ontario and Manitoba, as well as, in-person for individuals in Winnipeg. 

Sexual Assault Therapy

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault and domestic violence are gendered based acts of violence, typically against woman and perpetrated by men. These acts of violence are a result of gender inequality. Sexual assault in the Canadian Code is broadly defined as any and all unwanted sexual activity. This includes touching, kissing, penetration of any body part, as well as, any unwanted verbal or sexual comments. 

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is categorized in the Canadian Criminal Code under family violence and is defined as any offenses related to sexual or physical violence, any offenses related to emotional or psychological abuse, any offenses related to neglect, or any offenses related to financial abuse. 

There are 6 provinces and 3 territories that have their own legislation against family violence. 


In Manitoba there is the Domestic Violence and Stalking Act which states that any violence from a current or past partner there must be a mandatory investigation conducted by police to ensure the safety of the victim/survivor/applicant. 

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What happens after an assault?

When we are sexually assaulted, it takes something from us, and for most people, being sexually assaulted takes a lot from you. We start to live in fear of it happening again, unsure of who to trust or where to go. We spend hours checking and re-checking locks and windows to try to keep ourselves safe. Withdraw from those we once loved or thought we trusted, withdraw from others because we don't know who is safe and who isn't. Sexual assault drastically changes the way we view the world and ourselves within that world. 

If all of that wasn't enough, we then need to deal with the stigma and the victim blaming mentality of so many people in our society. Years of being told not to wear shorts skirts, dresses or clothes that show off too much skin because it makes us vulnerable, being told to never go outside after dark alone because you might be a target, constantly needing to change what we do, what we wear, where we go just to keep ourselves safe. You know what the number one deterrent of sexual violence is? People not sexually assaulting us. 


It doesn't matter what you wear, whether or not you consumed drugs or alcohol, whether you got in that persons car or went to their house, none of these are reasons for someone to assault you and I am truly so very sorry that happened. I want you to know what happened is not your fault, even though you may feel that way.  


I have spent years dedicating my practice and my career to supporting and advocating for individuals who have experienced sexual violence. I have sat through multiple police statements as a support person, been with multiple individuals through the examination process at the hospital and advocated for so many individuals who were not sure where to turn to, or what to do next. Navigating the systems 

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